Things that Keep me Going

I have started keeping a list of things that make me happy. When life looks bleak and hopeless, I add items to remind me that it really isn't.  Here is a short sample of the things that keep me going:

good conversation

a well-made cocktail

a well-timed joke

writing a perfect sentence

warm pajamas on a cold night

towels that smell like sunlight

Ruby holding my hand

the cat sleeping on my lap

a Beethoven Quartet

making Savannah giggle

the translucent green of spring light through new leaves

watching Ruby draw a picture

taking a nap

planting in cool, soft soil

a cello solo

french fries topped with cheese, served with a glass of cold beer in a dive bar



LP records

art museums

the smell of used book stores

playing the guitar until my fingers hurt

restaurant booths


long walks in the woods

trees in fall colors


found time

stumbling upon street art in strange cities that other people think I like because it's whimsical, but really reminds me of my own journey...

"Help Bobo" alleyway in Pittsburgh, PA

#hope #happiness #streetart #TryingNotToBeOverComeByUnbearableHopelessness


  1. good list.
    I have seen you smile over a Belgium beer.

    1. Major Dude, when you return from your travels, we will have to knock back a few Belgian beers. I've enjoyed following your journeys and had to fight the urge to be envious... take care, my friend. May the sun always be at your back and road rise to meet your feet...

  2. Bien sur! That was a wonderful time. Everyone I've told about our adventures has been terribly jealous.


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