My experience as a caregiver to a medically fragile child with multiple significant disabilities has changed my life profoundly. After Savannah passed away unexpectedly, I reorganized my life and priorities. She is sorely missed, but her spirit lives on in the people she touched.

David in his natural habitat
I was born in Texas and grew up in the rice fields outside of a small town that has now become a part of the sprawling homogeneity that rings Houston. I escaped at eighteen and never looked back. After graduating from college I moved to Morocco, where I lived for five years with my lovely and adventurous wife before returning to Austin.

I have worked as a teacher, an artistic director at a non-profit arts organization, a portrait painter, and a community college administrator.
Recently, I launched my own business dedicated to the intersection of reading, writing, and art (my three passions... well, classical music is in there somewhere). I hope to publish my graphic novel about Savannah in the spring of 2017.

I currently live in Austin with my wife, beautiful daughter, and a needy cat that stalks me throughout the house and ambushes me at every opportunity.


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