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I want to thank everyone who came out to make the Grand Opening of the Impossible Dream Studio an amazing success. View images by clicking here. I heard from so many of you that you are looking for art classes...

Saturday Studio Classes Forming Now

Artist David Borden painting a landscape at his easel
David at his easel

This is Not Your Tired old Art Class

You can learn facts from a lecture. For example, if I were to tell you that the United States declared its independence from Britain in 1776, but the current constitution didn’t meet its ratification threshold of states until 1788, you’d be able to cite that fact in a later conversation. Art, however, is not simply the memorization of facts. You can memorize that the sky is the brightest part of a landscape or that human eyes are typically one eye width apart, but until you put those facts into practice, make mistakes, and correct them, you don’t really “know” it?

Can Anyone Learn?

What is something you’re good at? A sport… cards… an instrument… all of those things required you to “learn by doing” with the help of a coach. Art works the same way. If you want to learn how to do it, all you need is a supportive coach and practice. The good news is that the practice is fun. How does a Studio Class Work?
You pick your project, or get assistance picking it from me. I’ll even help with the selection of brushes, paints, and other art supplies. I can help you set up your palette and other artist mysteries. We select a subject, such as your dog Sparky, your media, such as acrylic, and the support, such as canvas. You draw the subject from reference material. I coach you through the process and see what skills you need to work on. I’ll suggest techniques or exercises to help you get better. We do the same with the painting. I help you as you mix colors and paint the canvas. We do this with your next project and your next one. We increase the difficulty when projects are too easy and reduce the difficulty when the project is too hard. We try to stay in a place where you are comfortable, but a little challenged. Over time you get better and better.

Why are Studio Classes better than Regular Classes?

We all learn at different speeds. In a studio class, faster students can go faster and don’t feel their time is wasted waiting on slower students. Slower students go at a comfortable pace and don’t feel like they're holding up the class. Everyone is happier and more productive… and no one cares who’s faster or “better.”

What level do I need to be?

It doesn’t matter. We start where you need to start and go where you want to go. If you feel you can’t draw, I’ll teach you how to draw. You’ll be amazed at how well you can draw if someone coaches you through the process. Studio classes are for people who want to learn in a supportive environment at their own pace. Unlike art school classes with a rigid, set curriculum, the studio is all about you. Work on what you want to work on with guided, personalized instruction. We can work on drawing, using oil or acrylic paint, or printmaking. (I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help with watercolor) I specialize in landscape and portrait painting (animals included). Bring a friend and the experience becomes twice as fun.

How Do I Register?

$20 per Saturday. 2 hour slots anytime between 10am and 2pm. Pay by the month. No children under 12. Bring your own supplies. I can assist if you need help with choosing your art supplies. Learn more by clicking here: Saturday Studio Classes.

If you're interested, contact David at or come by the studio between 10 and 2pm on a Saturday to sign up.

Location and Contact

Impossible Dream Studio

105 N. Patterson Ave

Florence, TX 76527


phone: 512-917-9231





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