How to Transform an Abandoned Gas Station into an Art Studio

The History

1970s service station in Florence Texas
I bought an abandoned gas station in Florence, Texas a couple of years ago. It needed a lot of attention. The poor thing had been left to rot for more than fifteen years, as far as I could tell. Originally built as a gas station, it had gone through several iterations: a convenience store, a pizza shop, and finally a T-shirt shop before succumbing to neglect. The plumbing didn't work. The electrical system would have started a fire if not completely stripped and replaced. At some point water had backed up and rotted sections of the walls. 

But the core of the building was sound: steel I-beam construction for the canopy, solid ship lap walls, a brick exterior... It wanted someone to come in an love it... it just needed a vision for its new life...

The Transformation

Here is a quick video overview.

Learn more about the studio at



Impossible Dream Studio

105 N. Patterson Ave

Florence, Texas 76527


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