Living Artfully

Artfully Poetic

Art gallery wall with portrait paintings hanging
The gallery

Someone once said that we should live artfully. It’s easy to say such poetic things, but another, entirely, to do them. Is there an artful way to sweep a floor or unload a car? What does this dictate even mean? How does one go about living artfully? If you think about it, artful means to do something cleverly, with skill and taste. And in that sense, I can see how this journey to open an art studio somehow fits within that definition. 

The world places heavy burdens upon our shoulders and many of us spend our lives doing the bidding of others. We must labor for wages to pay off our ever accumulating debts: taxes, rents, subscriptions, fees, interest, etc… It feels, at times, as if everyone has a hand in our pockets, so we sell our time and well-being just to break even. 

Artfully Exploring

Living Artfully

But this studio has become a shelter from that world. It’s a place that has helped me to cultivate creativity, to explore the possibilities. What paintings will these walls support? What beauty will come from future students and not-yet discovered artists? 

Here, my time is my own, and I can use it to make what I want of the future. To live artfully is to not blindly wander, but to push forward, acquiring new skills and improving the world around us. That is my hope for this studio as I prepare to open. I don’t know if crowds will flock here to join me in my celebration of living artfully. I don’t know if anyone will come through those doors, jingling the cowbell over its threshold, or if silence will be my only companion here. It doesn’t matter, I suppose, because I will be here and I will be living my life artfully.



105 N. Patterson Ave
Florence, Texas 76527


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