The Simple (and Fiery) Way to Turn your Life Around in on Year

We all have an ugly bird inside of us that holds us back. It pecks at us with our inadequacies. I've decided it is time to burn up that old bird and rise from the ashes. To that end, I designed a sick old bird on which I could write all the things I wish to jettison.
burning the ugly bird on my BBQ
"Good-bye you dirty, old ugly bird..."

I wrote on the ugly bird:

prisoner of time
not worthy
keeping things that don't give me joy

Afterwards, I took my ugly bird to the backyard and set it on fire in the BBQ.

color drawing of a phoenix rising from the ashes by David Borden
My phoenix rising

I wrote on my Phoenix:

an abundance of time
courage to do what I fear
good enough
I'm worthy
only keep/acquire things that give me joy
self employed

Start your Year of the Phoenix Today!

It's simple. First, download the action sheet below.

Download your FREE PDF action sheet at the link below
(no email required: it's really no-strings attached free):

(When the file opens, look for the toolbar at the top of the page. Click the "printer icon" to print or the "down arrow" to download. If you have difficulty, you can try downloading the pdf from my website:

Next, follow the instructions on the Action Sheet.

You'll need  a safe place to burn some thing (or things-- depending).

Click here to read more about my Year of the Phoenix journey. Good luck.

After you start your Year of the Phoenix, post pictures of your ugly bird and Phoenix on Facebook or Twitter.

Wishing you peace, happiness, and the courage to follow your dreams...

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