Said Cat

A Contract for the Long Term Care of Charlie the Cat

This weekend, Ruby decided she needed legal protection for her cat in the event that he is still alive when she goes to college. The cat is about ten years old and Ruby won't be leaving for college for about seven years...

I, as the mother of a child named Ruby Borden by birth right, I have decided to take full responsibility of the said Cat when Ruby goes off to College if said cat is still alive. If said Cat is blind I will pay all medical bills and food bills. If said Cat goes depth [sic] then I will not dump him on the Daughter unless she says it is ok. But if the circumstances said cat throws up, poops, or pees on a person, then the mother of Ruby Borden shall not dump said Cat on the curb of Ruby's dorm, apartment, or house but lovingly tend to the cat.

Signed Ruby Borden as writer of the contract: ________________

Said Cats signature: _________________

I agree to this form. Signature:  _________________

I will do all these things willingly. Signature: _________________

If I complain I shall pay a $10 fine to Ruby. Signature: _________________

If I don't do this I shall also pay a $10 fine to Ruby. Signature:  _________________

a white cat lounging on the bed
"Charlie, or hereafter referred to as Said Cat"
By the way, Ruby originally wanted to charge a $25 fine, but decided against it, saying, she thought "mom wouldn't go for it."

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