The Memorial Fund: The Sensory Room

After Savannah died last March, many of you donated money to her beloved school... nearly $5000. We asked the PTA to earmark the funds to maintain the student sensory room.

What is a sensory room? It is a therapeutic place to help people with sensory processing disorders. Children like Savannah often find the world confusing, chaotic, or even scary because their brains do not process information the same way we do. They need help learning to manage sensory input. Sensory rooms involve all the senses and often have equipment designed to help students with vision, sound, and touch. Teachers and therapists use sensory rooms to control the input of these senses and guide students toward their learning objectives around sensory issues.

Savannah Borden laughing at pictures of herself at school
Savannah at Rosedale School
So often, non-profit organizations raise money for special projects, such as building playgrounds or buying much needed equipment. However, when you go back years later to visit the playground or see the equipment in action, it is dilapidated or broken. You ask, "What happened?" and they say, "We didn't have the funds to maintain it."

We are happy to say that Savannah's Memorial fund will be used to maintain the sensory room at Rosedale. When things break, they can be fixed. When new items are needed, they can be purchased. Savannah loved visiting the sensory room. She would have loved the new, improved one. And we know she would approve of using money given in her name to help other students at the school enjoy the room for many years to come.

Thank you for your generosity.


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