Cardinal, Cardinal, Blue Jay...

Birds covered the entire wall... two classes worth of children-- crayons on scratchy construction paper-- an aviary. These wonderful birds made me stop and look closer. Children's art is so direct, so raw. It's naivete deceives you into thinking it is only about its surface.

Cardinal, Cardinal, Cardinal, Blue Jay?
Picasso could draw with absolute perfection, yet he tossed his formal training out the window. He unlearned it all so he could express this kind of immediacy and energy.

What a beautiful wall of birds. Each drawing says something. I am a big bird, a small bird, a bird on a limb. I am in sunshine, I am red.

As a group the birds make an even greater statement. We are all birds, Most of us are cardinals... but one of us is a Blue Jay.

Today, I'm going to be a Blue Jay among the Cardinals. What are you going to be?

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