Year of the Phoenix: Q3 Report

March 20 was the spring equinox, which marks the end of the third quarter of the Year of the Phoenix. The spring equinox is also the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and it signals awakenings and rebirth. It also ushers in the "home stretch" for this astounding year of change for me.

and Yet We Rise, title page with phoenix rising, images and words by David Borden
Title Page from the Graphic Novel
I have several things to report this quarter.

1. I went to my first writer's conference and met with a literary agent.  He liked the drawings I showed him for the introduction to the graphic novel version of the memoir. He gave me a deadline to submit the finished work to him for review. I've been working furiously.

2. I started my new job at the college, closing a 12 year chapter and beginning a new one. The work is going very well. It's been fun to do something new. Recently, Austin was designated a Tech Hire City by the White House and my project will be an important part of that designation. Ironically, I just received another accolade for my old job: The national Adult Education professional association named me a runner up to Administrator of the Year for my work as Executive Director of Adult Education. Last year I won Administrator of the Year for the State of Texas. My how they love you when you're leaving...

portrait of J.P. Rameau (c) 2015 by David Borden
J. P. Rameau
3. I painted the stage backdrop for MossFest, which you can see in an earlier post. I didn't design the logo, but scaled it up. I ran into the founder of the festival at the airport not long ago. He told me that the family was grateful for my work and that several of them were overcome with tears at the sight of the enormous lion's head that symbolizes their lost child (which is the impetus of the festival).

4. A school in Germany is using my drawing of J.P. Rameau on student T-shirts. They had seen the image in a blog post a few months ago. How cool is that? When they take the kids to festivals, they like to have the kids dress in matching shirts so they can keep up with them. This year's festival focuses on Rameau. What a small world the internet has brought us? Just the thought of school kids in Germany wearing my drawing astounds me.

5. Lastly, someone tried to impersonate me on Facebook. They set up a bogus David Borden site and tried to get people to "friend" it. Seems really weird to me, but I guess I should be flattered. Isn't impersonation the ultimate form of worship? And my readers must be very awesome if someone is so desperate to get their "likes" that they would make a phony me to do so.

On that note, I'm barreling onward into the fourth quarter... the real me, I hope... The Year of the Phoenix is going better than expected.

Do something you fear. Do something you didn't think you could do. Dare to try.

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