What does Sasquatch Know that We Don't?

drawing of Sasquatch walking in front of the iconic "Hi, how are you" mural in Austin, Texas. Copyright 2016 by David Borden
"Hi, how are you."

Strange times, these, when up is down and wrong is right. It's times like these that require us to pay closer attention to what's going on around us. I had a reminder the other day while walking in West Campus in a place that is instantly recognizable to any Austinite or former UT student. There, before my eyes, strode Sasquatch. I watched him cross Guadalupe, fur shimmering in the light, head high. He slipped into the architecture building unnoticed in the crowded street.

drawing of Sasquatch at the taco truck on every corner. copyright 2016 by David Borden.
Seems like there's a Sasquatch on every corner

I dismissed the encounter, attributing the sighing to too much internet surfing and bleary eyes until a few weeks later... A colleague asked me to dine with him at the corner taco truck. Thinking nothing of it, I accompanied him into the parking lot. To my astonishment, Sasquatch emerged from a hedgerow, He ordered two egg and potato tacos and vanished. When it was my turn to order, I asked the vendor if he'd noticed that Sasquatch had proceeded me in line. 

He said, "You mean the guy wearing the red Chucks?"

"Forget it," I said, shaking my head.

drawing of Sasquatch strolling along the Mopac freeway in Austin. copyright 2016 by David Borden.
The cause of the slowdown on Mopac?
Most recently, I was called upon to attend a meeting downtown. Generally, I avoid travelling Mopac during rush hour, but, alas, I had to. The traffic lurched along slower than normal. In a fit of pique, I rolled down my window to get some air because my tiny car's air-conditioner only works when it's in motion. I glanced at the construction ravaged shoulder... and there he was... Sasquatch was walking past the stalled traffic. When I finally arrived at my destination, I spied him at a downtown cafe. He'd gotten there faster than me... on foot. A plate of pastry crumbs and an empty Cappuccino cup lay before him on the table.

My fellow Austinites... nay, my fellow Americans, take heed of my tale. Keep a watchful eye for Sasquatch. He moves among us in plain view and he seems to know something we do not.

Share your sightings.

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