America's Crisis of Identity: The Standing Rock Sioux Fight

I stay away from political topics on this blog. However, I can't avoid this one. And I don't think it's a right wing or left wing, Republican or Democratic issue. I think its an American issue. We have to ask ourselves: who are we and what is right?

Native Americans attacked by US Army
I found a few images on the internet that have striking similarities. The one above states that it is the US Army attacking the Cheyenne. I found it looked a lot like this image from a few days ago of police preparing to clear Native Americans standing in the way of Manifest Destiny:
Police prepare to clear protesters with the aid of military vehicles
Is this who we are as a nation? Are we the ones who allow foreign and domestic corporate interests to put financial gain over human beings?
US Army attacking Sioux in their homes
I also found this image of the US Army attacking the Sioux having parallels to the image below from the last few days.
Police in full riot gear guarding Native American protesters
The US continues to subjugate the Native American population. In our history, we have enslaved them, massacred them, poisoned them with small pox infected blankets, taken their land, and force-ably resettled the survivors on reservations. When they dare to speak up or assert a claim to anything, this is what we do.

Also this week, much as been made of the white man who was acquitted for taking up arms against the federal government. However, his acquittal should come as no surprise. He did not threaten corporate interests, thus, as American logic goes, he has committed no crime. Native American's are directly confronting big-money interests, so they will be met with overwhelming force, even if unarmed.

I don't think it really matters whether we elect Clinton or Trump. I think the campaign is a diversion from the real battle going on in America today. In that way, Trump is right, there is a media conspiracy, but not against him, it's against us... against democracy, against freedom, against the very idea of "we the people."


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