Merlin's Beard!

Is that Santa I see, skulking around the corner? 

NO! Absolutely not. It's someone even stranger.
Artist, David Borden, models a Merlin's Beard greeting card. Great for Harry Potter fans, Arthurian Legend fans, or anyone who loves a bit of fantasy in their lives.
"Oh, Merlin's Beard!"
It's the elusive and irreverent artist, David Borden, sporting a handsome mane of manly whiskers. He's emerged from his studio with a bushel of fun under his nose to exclaim,"Merlin's Beard!"

Charlie the Cat sitting on artist, David Borden's lightboard and sketch pad in the studio
Exhibit A
"I developed this card under tremendously difficult working conditions," Borden says, pointing to his cat, Charlie. "I have to share my studio with a particularly curious and overly friendly feline, who makes every attempt to impede my artistic progress. I will share photographic evidence!" 

The artist produces the picture published herein. 

"Exhibit A," he says, still holding the beard to his chin. "I can't work like this!"

And with that, he trundles off to make some hot tea.

Shopping for Merlins or Geeks in your life?

If you're a Harry Potter fan, an aficionado of fantasy, or Arthurian Legends, let your geek-flag fly with these fun cards. Or, if you are acquainted with any folk who share an affinity with any of the aforementioned, and they are on your "hard to shop for" gift list, check out my store at

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