Slowing Down is Good for You (6 tips)

I know, you want it all... but can you?

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working hard
We've been told we can "have it all" if we work hard enough. We can multi-task ourselves into a life of leisure (Am I the only person that sees that's a paradox?). We can have our cake and eat it, too. But, you know what? That was a lie-- told to you by people who profit from your labor and exploitation.

All this running around is good for the makers of fast-food, diet plans, the medical-industrial complex, fitness gurus, "planners and organizers," bankers, lawyers, and corporate executives who make a lot of money by convincing you to do all their work while they golf. This system may be good for the 1%, this lifestyle is not healthy for you or 99% of society.

Don't you want to slow down? I sure do.

Here are Some Places to Start Slowing Down:

As with many new endeavors, it's best to start small... so, here we go, one step at a time.

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The path less traveled awaits
Eating: Take the time to cook something, preferably with another person. When you finish, sit together and eat without the radio or TV. Just eat and hang out. It only takes a few minutes. Even if you only have 15 minutes in the morning to snarf down some cereal and a cup of Joe. You can sit for those 15 minutes and share that meal with someone else. It gets your day started right.

Walking: Unless you have ambulatory issues, make the time to walk. A leisurely stroll is tremendously relaxing. I intentionally park far from buildings, so I have to walk. Those few more yards and few more seconds make a huge difference over time.

Reading instead of TV or internet time: Need I say much about this one? You know that most of the information coming through these media are toxic. Wars, injustice, hate, violence, fake news, propaganda... and all of it designed to get you addicted so the networks can sell advertising. If you're plugged in, you get a very distorted view of the world (regardless of network). People who watch TV believe the world is a worse place than it used to be and that it's growing more violent. The facts are actually in reverse. World wide violence is down and democratization and human rights are on the rise (except in specific pockets of truly horrific brutality). Your overlords just want to keep you living in fear so you'll continue making them rich (liberals and conservatives are both crass exploiters of tragedy and fear to get votes.).

Focus on people: More lounging... less productivity. Less intravenous entertainment from Hollywood and 24/7 news, and more real life.

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a fragrant Clementine
Mono-tasking: Focus on the present. Do one thing and do it well. Take pride in what you do, no matter how small. Example: "I peeled that orange beautifully. I love the way it makes my fingers smell."

Plan NOT to Rush: If you include buffer times in your planning, you can reduce the rushing around. If you have a one hour meeting scheduled, add another 15 minutes for it to run over, and add another 15 minutes to get a drink of water and go to the bathroom and walk leisurely to your next meeting. I plan walking between my meetings, so I'm not running here and there. If you're a little late, so what? No one gets promotions from punctuality... and if that's your boss' single criterion-- screw him and his 20th century attitude. Go find a better job. Wow, has it made a difference.

What about the BIG things?


Get accustomed to these small islands of respite in your busy life before jumping into the big stuff.

Wishing you peace and happiness.

"Everyone hustles his life along, and is troubled by a longing for the future and a weariness of the present." -- Seneca (5 BCE - 65 CE)

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