Bunny Snail Knight: Reversing an Image for a Block Print

When I make a block print, one of the steps is reversing the image. Why do I reverse the image before carving a block? Because the act of printing creates a reverse image. For example, when you print a image that faces right, it will print facing left, so to get the right facing image, you have to make it face left, so when you print it, it faces right. Understand?

Here is how I reverse an image:

Next, you may ask why is the image of a bunny knight riding a snail. For that explanation, you need to watch the following video.

The Bunny-Snail-Knight is the design I'm using for my special, exclusive Charter Member cards that I'll be sending out directly. What's a Charter Member, you ask? Well, anyone who has bought art, letter subscriptions, books, or helped with my hugely successful Kickstarter is eligible. This membership gives my ground-floor supporters a lifetime discount on art. If you are wondering how to become a part of this artistic juggernaut while its still pulling out of the station, visit my Patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/dsborden before December 31, 2017. After that, Charter Membership will be closed to new members forever.

Learn more about my fine art, comics, and books, visit: https://scribblefire.com/

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