Classical Music: A Ghost Story by Daniel Hart

A Ghost Story, music by Daniel Hart

ghost wraith ghoul specter following a boy. Ink drawing by David Borden
The Ghost Within and Without
To be clear up front, I have not seen the film from which this music comes. My interest is solely in the music. I was drawn to it, not because it's haunting (whatever that means), but because it's full of empty space. It's the music of introspection. I challenge you, no, dare—double dog dare you to listen to it. And I don’t mean multi-task by putting it on YouTube while you return phone calls or write emails. I mean, actually take the time to listen to it.

Listen to "Whatever Hour You Woke”

We seldom listen to music as an activity. Music is merely the soundtrack of daily life. It is the hip beat that entices us to buy clothes at the chain retailer, it is the music that backs our conversations at the bar, or the motivational swells that get us to our feet at sporting events. It tells us what to think in movies (when to be scared, excited, joyful, or sad). It soothes our daily commutes, and “pumps us up” for activities. But what if the music itself was the activity?

I dare you.

Put on this music and listen. Just listen. How long does it take before boredom sets in? How long before you want to add another task? How long before you feel you're “wasting time?” That's my point exactly. Tell yourself that you’re not wasting time.

Time is never wasted in a task that breaks you out of your habits… even a boring task.
American’s are not comfortable with boredom any longer. We crave activity, bright lights, big city, movement. Have you ever noticed that even conversations on TV and in movies are filmed while people are moving? Few people sit and talk for hours anymore.

Listen to "The Secret in the Wall"

Put down your phone. Open your ears and listen. Let each note roll over you. Withdraw into yourself and forget you are bored. 

You have been brainwashed into thinking you have to be entertained 24/7 by people selling entertainment. It has infected all aspects of society. Stop. Quiet. Take time. You cannot “find yourself” in the clutter of shopping malls and conference rooms.

Just try it. 

Listen to this album. Listen to the notes. Listen to the blank spaces between the notes. That is where you will find the spark, the inspiration, the insight. I dare you to engage in the supremely rebellious endeavor of turning off the artificial and finding the real.

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