Does Singing Make you Healthier?

Fascinating research shows what a lot of people know: singing with others has health benefits. It releases endorphins and boosts the immune system. I take this phenomenon for granted because I like to play and sing with other people. For the past year, I've been playing with my friend, Eric Clow. He writes these poignant, heart-felt songs that you've got to hear. And lucky for you, I've got our latest performance below.

My decision to sing and play with him is one of those decisions that I've made with my heart instead of my head. See the first article in this series.

"Who has the time to engage in frivolous things, such as making music, simply for the joy of it?" You may ask.

American adults like to leave their childish ways behind. They stop singing with other people (except at church); they stop drawing, and they stop playing (except with children). Bah! I think all the things we've been told not to do because they are frivolous, are the good things. We're so consumed with being productive. Shouldn't we be consumed with living instead?

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