The Oregon Brewer's Festival

A beer, a beer token, and the guidebook
 At the Oregon Brewer's Festival Ruby pulled out her sketchbook and asked, "What should I draw?"

I said, "Guys with facial hair."

"I don't see any?" she said.

"You're kidding, right?  This place is like a facial hair extravaganza!  Didn't you see the guy over there who looks like Odin?"

"Who's Odin?"

"Norse god... wears a helmet with horns."

"Oh, yeah, that guy.  Was he wearing kilts?"

What is the male to female ratio at the beer festival?
"No, that was a different guy."

Tamara said, "What do you think the male to female ratio is here?"

I said, "3 to 1."

"You think there are that many women?" she laughed.

"Ruby, why don't you draw that guy-- the one with the really hairy neck?"

"Ew, gross, Dad."

So many beards at the festival
"Okay, I'll draw him. You draw the guy over there with the two braids on his chin."

"Dad, he's staring at me."

"All the better.  You should be able to get a good sketch, then."

I drew my bearded fellows right onto the paper covering my table top. Some of the beard types I captured:

The "King Leonidas," the "Adam Ant" (yes, I know he didn't have a beard, but if he did...), the "Texter," the "I ate the whole thing," the "I still live with my mother," and the "Freddy M."

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