On Summer Nature Drawing or the Lack Thereof

sketch by David Borden of Horsemint and two unknown species
the horsemint blooms in spring
Recently, I flipped through my sketchbook and wondered why I have so few nature drawings from summer.  At first I thought that my low production was due to the heat; summer must lack in subjects, the sun bleaching the page white.

But, wild flowers still bloom, though they are often ragged and drained of ostentation.  Texas flowers are a hearty lot, leaching moisture where they may, seeking shelter in shallow shadows. The Texas sun, acid strong, intrudes even upon the darkest of places. Insects fold their wings and retract to any damp refuge free from afternoon's blinding blaze.

Like the small creatures, I buzz down my favorite morning trails that I share with darting lizards and rabbits.  Birds chatter and butterflies dally over the intrepid blooms that are still open for business.

But I do not draw these things.

Perhaps summer lulls me with its languid arms. I commune rather than study and record.  I absorb and dissolve.  My sketchbook remains in my backpack, nestled quietly with my pencils and pens. Like me, they hide in shadows, building kinetic energy among the cool rocks, the late summer's thirsty creeks, for a bursting in fall.  I can feel it in the air: fall's brave splash of red and orange coming, and I will meet it with renewed strength, pen and paper and color.

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