Ella es Preciosa

Our longest serving attendant comes once a week. Yesterday, she patiently helped Ruby with her Spanish homework while Savannah listened and laughed.

I asked Savannah, "Do you think it's funny when your sister speaks Spanish?"

She smiled broadly.

"I bet you understand some Spanish, don't you?"

She flashed a knowing smile.

"Oh, yes, many of the patients learn Spanish," the attendant said, "because we talk to them. Sometimes, I just like to talk to her and tell her things like she is preciosa."

Ella es preciosa
It's the unexpected moments like this one that remind me not to miss the magic in our lives. I'd never thought about it before, but Savannah has had a lot of Spanish speaking attendants. Of course, she's learned some of the language along the way.

I wonder, what other secrets does she keep?

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