Fluffy cat lounging with his disabled child on a cold afternoon
loungers on a cold day
Savannah likes hanging out with her family, listening to her sister read, boy-bands (she's fifteen, after all), classical music, and football. A few days ago I rolled her onto her right side, against her normal body curve. We wedged her in with her enormous stuffed animals. (See, Beverly, photographic evidence that we do listen to your therapeutic advice.) We watched whatever football game happened to be on. It was a cold day, so Tamara flung a plushy blanket on top of her.

Charlie, who normally ignores Savannah, and is a rotten service cat (see previous post: http://dsborden.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-extremely-reluctant-service-cat.html), leaped onto the gurney. He is loathe to share his coveted blanket, but for the afternoon, he set aside his jealously and shared its warm folds.

Occasionally Savannah let our a burst of laughter; I made commentary on the soap opera of sports. The cat snored.

The lounging was therapeutic for all of us...

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