Rosedale Thanksgiving 2014

Savannah with Mike and Yvonne in her classroom
Each morning when I tell Savannah it's time to get ready for school, she starts to giggle. She loves her school and her friends so much that she can't contain her excitement. It spills out in bubbles of euphoric laughter followed by snorts for air. It's one of the things I love about her-- one of the things she has taught me-- that we shouldn't adhere to ridiculous cultural rules regarding decorum and restraint when it comes to happiness. We should dive in, laugh loudly, share our pleasure.

There was a time, many years ago, when I didn't think Savannah would ever be able to have friends. How could a blind, non-verbal, epileptic quadriplegic person, someone so disabled, make friends? How ignorant I was. I had traveled extensively and thought I was so sophisticated, so worldly. Pshaw! My perspective on the things that really matter was minuscule. Savannah wasn't restrained by my myopic view. She didn't define herself as disabled... that she shouldn't have certain things. Perhaps I was the one with the disability? a disability of spirit... a woefully stunted grasp of hope and humanity.

Savannah and Rosedale school have helped me overcome my ignorance and my disabled soul.

This brings me to what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving:

I am thankful for Savannah's laughter.

I am thankful that she doesn't see herself as "disabled."

I am thankful for Rosedale school and the amazing people that have dedicated their lives to helping kids like Savannah learn and feel valued. They believe in these kids... and the parents, too. They aren't just teachers and caretakers, they are friends and heroes. They're the people who redeem us all from our ignorance and small view of the world.

Oh, and they make really good mashed potatoes, too...

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