Friday Night Excitement

Mowing on a Friday night
I took my phone with me into the front yard, which could only mean one thing... pictures.

Tamara said, "You're not going to say that I made you mow on a Friday evening on your blog, are you?"

"Of course, I am. Why else would I mow on a Friday?"

"To get it out of the way." She smiled.

"I'm going to write about this."

"My mower" (c) 2015 by David Borden
"Oh, okay."

I drew a picture of my lawn mower. And, yes, it is manual. I actually have a chargeable, electric, mulching mower, but it mysteriously stopped charging. I drug my manual one out of its dusty corner. I used to use it all the time. People would stop and ask, with a perplexed, yet happy look, "Where on Earth did you get that?"

"Sears at Hancock Center."

"How much did you pay for it?"

"$25 about twelve years ago."

"And it works?"

I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow and wave my hand at the trimmed grass.

"My dad used to have one of those..."

They never believe I bought it new.

I like pushing it around. I get a lot more exercise and it doesn't cost anything to operate, except for a cheap little bottle of machine oil to lubricate its parts, and I've bought one of those only once in the last decade.

My yard Buddha approves
I sweated and swatted mosquitoes. When I was all done, I showered and relaxed in the air conditioning with a cold chelata.

My recipe for a Chelata:

1 can or bottle of yellow beer (I like light beer for chelatas)
1 lime
dash of salt

Squeeze the lime into the glass and add a dash of salt. Mix. Fill glass with ice. Pour beer on top.

So, the beer purists out there-- and you know who you are-- will cringe at the addition of ice to beer. "Never the twain shall meet!" They are railing. I can hear them.


Light beer is not exactly a gourmand's dream to start with. And after sweating and pushing a heavy set of mechanical scissors around my front yard instead of lounging on my sofa with my headphones, I don't want a heavy porter or uber hopped IPA (which seem all the rage right now). I want something cold and refreshing. If I want to put limes and ice cubes into my beer, so be it. If you don't like it, why don't you come over and mow my yard next Friday while I sip your favorite microbrew and watch...


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