The Gift of Music, Beer, and Art

ink sketch of Charlie the Cat hiding in a box he commandeered from me while I was unpacking some Classical LP records. He doesn't look too interested in relinquishing control, does he?
The cat takes over the empty LP box
This weekend I received another gift box of Classical LP records. (And, yes, my benefactor has fessed up. Thank you, again.) I dug out a record of Sibelius Symphonies, Nos. 3 and 6, and slapped it on the turntable while I unpacked the rest. I haven't even had time to assimilate the previous gift box (see previous post on Magic and Fear) into my collection. LP storage has become a real issue. I'd forgotten why we so gleefully discarded LPs for CDs in the 80s. The Sibelius recording proudly proclaimed "Imported from Europe" (remember import LPs from the pre-globalization world?). The import label was especially ironic considering the performance came from the Boston Symphony.
An ink sketch of a bottle of Chimay by David Borden, (c) 2015
(c) 2015 David Borden

Anyway, I didn't get too far. I made popcorn and opened a bottle of Chimay (also a gift... thank you to all the kind people who keep me in Classical Music and booze! You're awesome! Donations are always welcomed.) I thought the beer and snacks would propel me into an organizational bliss. Alas, it stupefied my senses and the music gradually grew louder. Did I already use the word bliss?

It rained and rained outside. I toasted the weather. First the Central Texas drought had grown to near Biblical proportions, and now the rain. Floods in the news and I'm lucky for my spot of dry land. I celebrated having the house to myself for a golden afternoon. What a day to stay inside, play music too loudly, drink too much, and have rambling conversations with the cat... Ahem... not that I talk to the cat when no one else is around...
Sketch of a traditional popcorn popper by David Borden (c) 2015.
This ain't no air popper! (c) 2015 David Borden

I made a resolution in this altered universe to resume my habit of sketching. Before Savannah took over this blog, as she and her enormous personality were bound to do, it was supposed to be about my life trying to reconnect to my artistic roots. It was my self-imposed accountability system for drawing. Today, when the eureka hit me and I resisted standing in my chair with a radish held aloft, exclaiming, "I'll never be hungry again!" Oh, that's not right... I wanted to shout, "I resolve to draw a picture a day and post it to my blog!" I instead chose a more realistic goal to include at least one drawing on each blog entry, and I'd try to post something at least once a week.

We shall see how it goes.

By the way, if you have a need for any black line illustration, as you see in my blog or writing or editing services, send me an email at I'm also available to give talks regarding mindfulness, art, writing, and inspiration. I also conduct workshops for individuals or groups on how to live mindfully, peacefully, and successfully.

Follow your dreams and magic will follow...

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