How do you Know if You're a Successful Blogger?

"You're starting a blog? Nobody blogs anymore... that's so 2000!" Someone said to me when I started writing my blog a little more than 2 years ago. I have to admit, I didn't really think anyone would read it. After all, I started by posting sketches from my rambles along the nature trails of Austin, Texas. I created the blog as an accountability system to keep me to a schedule of drawing, but with no readers, the accountability didn't really exist. Since then, I've blogged about more than sketching. I've written about daily life, my daughters, the unexpected and tragic loss of one of them, my love of classical music, and cocktails.

David working on his blog with Charlie the Cat lounging nearby
David blogging with his faithful co-author
When I was fist starting on this journey, I hungered for tips on blogging, so I read a few articles on the internet. There was a lot of talk about SEOs, Google rankings, and such. It all sounded like Charlie Brown adults talking through muffled trombones. The best advice came from an expert who said, "Just write. If you keep writing and posting, you'll learn as you go. Produce good content and don't worry about it"

So, here I am two years later, still writing, and still amazed that I have a steadily growing audience. Below, I have compiled a list of things I've learned make a successful blog:

1. People tell me how much they like it: In my off-line life, someone approaches me at least once a month to tell me how much they like my blog. Often, these are acquaintances that I wouldn't imagine would be interested in my blog topics.

2. Steady growth: Though the daily and weekly traffic on the site fluctuates wildly, over the long haul, readership has grown. When I started writing, I'd be excited to see a single hit on my landing page. Now, I have traffic everyday, whether I post anything new or not, which leads me to point #3.

3. People are reading older posts: Since I've published consistently (at least once a week) over the past two years, I have a large archive of articles. Many readers have created links on their websites to particular articles, which brings in new readers. Also, people have found those older posts through web searches.

4. I've got Spammers!!!! Wow! This is one of the most flattering things. Complete strangers trolling the internet in search of places to put their links and ads in front of readers, have started leaving messages in my comment sections. These folks wouldn't bother unless they thought I had enough readers for it to be worth their time to deposit their ads. I delete spammer content more and more frequently.

5. Google regards me as an expert: The other day I was searching for information on a classical composer. Bang! Google returned my blog as the fourth suggested site for an article. I kid you not. I had achieved the holy grail of web compliments: Google considering me an expert.

To those of you struggling with a blog, take heart. Write what you know. Write about what you love. Keep posting and readers will come. Oh, and blogging isn't dead. It's just called content creation now.

Thanks to my wonderful readers. You give me inspiration to keep writing and pursuing this crazy adventure.

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