Hello Twitter! #MyFirstTweet

Have you tried #Twitter yet?

You may be saying the same thing that I said (after groaning). I'm too old... I'm too unhip... I have too long an attention span.
drawing of the guy who works the fryer at your local burger joint by David Borden
How Do You Get Started?

Twitter comes at you fast. I admit, I was a bit unnerved as the messages popped into my phone. But then, I let the information flow over me, almost Zen-like. I read a trending hashtag that began #TheOlderWeGet... A few times I laughed out loud. I jumped into the fray with the following:

"#TheOlderWeGet, the easier it is to eat alone in a restaurant."

I posted a drawing I did on my phone. It took two tries to get everything right. The first time, I didn't get the hashtag right because I didn't know how to directly reply to the conversation. But that didn't matter because I didn't attach the image either. Oh, well, I'm learning. I posted again and got it right. My message slipped into the fast moving stream of collective consciousness. In seconds, it slid under a torrent of other comments.

How Do I Get Followers?

I had no followers and I had only followed the local newspaper. I found a few of my friends on Twitter, maybe 5%, so I decided I'd have to find a new set of Twitter-folk to play with. Amazingly, people found my post, liked it, and followed me.
drawing of an early bird not getting the worm. He is bleary and says, "What? After Coffee."

Hmmm. I posted a drawing of they guy who works the fryer at the local burger joint. I posted it at a trending hashtag: #WinMeOverIn4Words. I was drawn in by how clever some of the posts were. I've always been a sucker for French fries,

When Do You Find Time to Tweet?

I found that Twitter is a fun way to fill up the idle minutes between tasks. While waiting for my coffee to brew, came across a conversation at #IAmUp. I posted a drawing of an early bird.

Someone retweeted my cartoon. Someone liked it. Someone followed me.

Suggestions for #MyFirstTweet

Twitter isn't complicated or difficult, after all. It has a crazy-fast rhythm, but a rhythm none-the-less. I'd suggest, if you are thinking about jumping into the Twittersphere to go in without an agenda. Just lurk until you feel comfortable. When you're feeling like sticking your toe in, find a fun, trending hashtag (under the search function) and tweet into the stream. Like posts you like, retweet ones that make you laugh or think. Start with something easy like #CuteKittens. I stay away from the political streams... they are ugly and make you wonder how people can be so awful, deluded, and / or stupid. Follow interesting people and about a third will follow you back.

It's that simple.

You can find me at @dsborden. See you in the Twittersphere in 140 characters or less.


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