How You can Overcome Procrastination in Three Easy Steps

What is it you want to do? 

Get a promotion at work? Meet your soul mate? Lose 20 pounds? Learn to paint?

Why haven't you done it?

Because you're busy. You're tired. You're broke. I get it. I've been all those things. But one day, I found myself sitting on the sofa, empty bag of chips on the floor, long neck beer bottle between my fingers, watching a TV show I didn't even like. This is not my passion... this is defeat.

There has is a better way. Follow these 3 steps:

1. Block Distractions

I turned off the TV. Do I really need to find out what happens in Game of Thrones? (Ok, don't answer that.) Not only did I turn it off. I moved the electronic beast to the spare bedroom. Now, at least, I have to make an effort to watch it. The living room is for quiet contemplation, human (and feline) interaction, and reading. There's no TV in the bedroom. I sleep in there. I don't need the Eye of Big Brother stealing my sleep, too.

When I work on the computer, I disconnect the internet. Ouch, this is hard, but you've got to cut the cord sometimes.

2. Stop Fearing the "Blank Page"

oil painting of an apple by David Borden
My first painting in over a decade!
Writers and artists know exactly what I'm talking about. You don't know where to start when presented with a "blank page." If you did, you would have started, right. The secret is: no one knows where to start. Even Stephen King or Vincent Van Gogh didn't know where to start... but they did. You have to jump in and fail. Remember, you're going to make mistakes. You're going to edit. Even if you're trying to meet new people, view the first few interactions as "practice." You'll be amazed at how much confidence you'll acquire with this attitude.

I was so afraid of how bad my first painting would be after a 10 year hiatus that I made every excuse NOT to paint. Finally, fed up with myself, I painted an apple. And the first painting was horrible. It was so horrible, in fact, that I stayed out of the studio for a week. I couldn't bear to look at it. Finally, I took my own medicine and tried again. The second one came out much better. More importantly, the episode reminded me not to fear the blank page.

3. Plan the Time

Carve time out of your busy day to pursue your dreams. You probably have time hidden away here and there. The Nielsen TV rating organization reports that the average American adult watches 33 hours of TV each week. That's almost a second full-time job! Take a few hours of that time and devote it to your passion. 

The bottom line is this: One day you are going to be lying on your death bed. You'll look back and reflect. I hope this reminiscence will give you joy. I hope you look back at a life well-spent with loved ones and your passions. 

If  you're feeling that its time to get some help, let me know. You can learn more about how I can guide your through your own trans-formative year.

What's holding you back?

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