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Bring the sunrise into your home to enjoy every day.

You know that time after sunrise, right before the sun has cleared the tree line? I love that time. The ground glistens with dew. The birds are starting to rustle and chatter. A coolness permeates everything.
Oil painting landscape of transmission towers and trees at sunrise in Austin Texas by artist David Borden.
"Transmission" oil on canvas (c) 2018 by David Borden

In our busy lives, it is so hard to get up early on a crisp spring morning to see this glorious event. Every year I think that I will set my alarm and experience a spring sunrise, but I don’t. Have you ever done that? Why don’t you (or why don’t you do it more often?) Because we’re too tired. Life is busy.
I thought that I should try to remedy the situation, so I set my alarm. As the dawn broke, I donned my shoes and a sweatshirt and made for the greenbelt. These giant steel transmission towers run through the neighborhood. I’ve wanted to paint them for a while. I love the lattice work of their hulls that loom large. They connect us in so many ways. Though they are a crucial part of our infrastructure, they’re mostly ignored. They only become visible when we are confronted with them. But in the early morning, set mostly in silhouette, they complement the trees that line the easement. The long, heavy wires, draw your eye to a focal point at the transmission tower, only to roll back down the line of tress. The sunrise peaks through the steel and tree limbs.

The land is dark, still asleep. 

They sky has awakened with yellow and pink, orange and blue. In a few minutes the sun will break over the trees and flood the grass with light. The squirrels and birds will come out and this hidden meadow will burst with flowers and butterflies.
I wanted to depict this moment and share it with you.
Artist David Borden painting transmission towers and tree landscape oil painting in his studio.
David at work in his studio

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This painting is 36 x 18 inches. Professional quality oil paints on canvas.

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