The Doctor's Visit Performance at The Lion and Pirate

The Due Choir plays Doctor's Visit

One of the things I've been up to lately is playing guitar for my friend Eric Clow, a local singer and songwriter. His band is called, The Dude Choir. Recently, we added Sam on Trombone and keys. Here's our most recent performance of an original song by Eric called, "Doctor's Visit."


Leading with Heart

This experience goes in the category of decisions I've made with my heart rather than my head. My head told me not to join a band because I don't have the time. Rehearsals and travel to rehearsals... That would have been a bad decision.

Read more about my new approach to decision making leading with my heart:

On a similar note, I've organized an all skills art retreat to Palacios, Texas to paint. ONLY ONE SLOT LEFT. Get it before its gone! Now, before you think you have no talent and the trip won't be worth it... Regardless of skill, the trip is really about getting away, relaxing, and seeing the world like an artist: the way it is, rather than the way you think it is. Click here for more information.

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