Am I My Sister's Keeper?

There was a time when Ruby wanted to have a different sister, one that would run and play with her.  She wanted an older sister who would tease her, a sister she could annoy. She wanted a sister who wouldn't drown out her favorite shows with wild vocalizations or crying.

Ruby showing off the handmade bracelet she made for her sister as a gift.
Ruby showing off a bracelet she made for her sister
This morning, I can hear Ruby talking to Savannah in the playroom that they share.  She's telling her that she's turning off the radio and putting on the morning cartoons because it is time. I can hear Savannah giggling because she loves her sister very much.

Ruby's started reading to Savannah, who remains rapt throughout. She's started to appreciate that her sister is not a Beezus to her Ramona as in her beloved Beverly Cleary books. Their relationship is much different.  I've watched Ruby attend to Savannah's seizures by swiping her VNS (seizure control implant) like a professional.

Ruby makes friends with disabled children at school and at camps.  I've heard stories, through the grapevine, of how she has defended them from bullies.  One of Ruby's teachers accosted me about a year ago after school to tell me that she'd been in the business for 25 years, and never met a child so caring or so compassionate. "You've done something right, with her," the teacher said, "she is truly extraordinary."

Ruby has had a unique childhood.  Her sister hasn't been able to teach her how to text, or how to talk to boys, or the intricacies of middle school politics; however, she has taught her one of the most valuable lessons in life: that the only use for acquiring influence or power is to use it to help those who have none. Ruby will not renounce her obligation, as Cain did, when called upon, I am sure.  She will do what is right in this world, she will not shy from the struggle.  She will be her sister's keeper... to all of her sisters everywhere.

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