Viva Sangria!

LP: Viva Terlingua by Jerry Jeff Walker
By August, Austin temperatures exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit regularly and escaping the heat becomes the guiding principle of life... taking walks early, avoiding the afternoon sun, swimming, and my personal favorite: sangria.

I had many LP candidates for pairing with sangria, including my Segovia classical or Flamenco records.  But in the end, I kept hearing Jerry Jeff singing "Sangria Wine" in my ear.

I slapped the old scratched record on the phonograph.  (Just a note on "Viva Terlingua!" My copy is scratched, and I've been looking to replace it for some time, but I only find other scratched copies.  Seems that this album, no matter the owner, sees rough handling...  most likely because it is an album that generally gets put on late in the evening after a few rounds.) The first notes spilled from the record player. From the other room Tamara said, "Oh, my..." meaning, "is that what I think it is?"

I shouted back, "Oh, yes it is," and began singing, "Up against the wall, Redneck Mother..."

Link to the classic honky tonk, juke box favorite:

Ah, yes, summertime is the time for sangria. So, forget about the blinding heat and hold up your glass, grab your best drinking buddy by the back of the neck, and belt out this Gary P. Nunn anthem.  Follow the link:

Sangria Wine
My Recipe for the best sangria:

2 bottles of good Spanish wine (I like tempranillo)
2 lemons
2 limes
2 Valencia oranges
1 small bottle of bitter lemon soda
simple syrup
lots of ice

Pour the wine into a pitcher. Squeeze one of each of the fruits listed into the pitcher along with the bottle of bitter lemon soda.  Add a dash of simple syrup (and don't overdo the sugar.  This recipe is NOT for sweet sangria.  If you like the sweet stuff buy it pre-made or from a restaurant.). Slice up the rest of the fruit and dump it in.  Let it sit for as long as you can stand it.  It gets better as it sits.  Fill a glass with plenty of ice and pour over the top.  Garnish if you want to look fancy. (A Note on wine used as the base of your sangria:  People generally think sangria is a way to use up cheap wine.  If you buy crappy wine... you'll have crappy sangria.  Spend a couple of bucks more... it is so worth it.)


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