Minimalism: A Realization with Item 4 of 365


A pile of comic books

What I realized while going through my pile of comics: It's not about whether a comic is good or not. It's about whether I'll read it or give it someone else in the future.

I think that criterion for keeping or jettisoning an item is good. It answers the question of why I was holding on to something. In most cases I was mindlessly holding on to it. I kept it out of laziness. I had the room to store it, so I stored it instead of asking if I would ever use it again. 

This is different from the "joy" question. I've heard people say, "Keep things that give you joy." Not everything I keep gives me joy. I keep a desk not for joy, but utility. 

Anyway. That was day four.

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  1. I certainly keep things for utility but also because they bring back memories - some good and some painful, but memories nonetheless. Whether that's a positive thing - don't know - but a way to hang on to the past - sort of like photographs of all your past experiences.

    1. I hear you. I keep the things that give me those positive memories. These comics were dead. I kept a similar sized stack of the ones that I'll read again. A good comic book is a wonderful thing. You can read it, or better yet, you can thumb through the pages and marvel at the art.


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