Minimalism: WTF number 5 of 365

 A Freakin' Box?

So, I went into my closet to scrounge up the fifth item to discard. I thought I'd look inside this box. I knew it didn't have an electric water kettle beneath its cardboard because the kettle broke a while back and had gone in the trash. The box itself had slept on a high shelf of a few years. 

I expected to find trinkets or baubles or other such nonsense in the box-- you know, things I'd squirreled away for safe keeping. 

Maybe there'd be cash?

or an old book?

or photographs?

Do you know what was in this stupid box? 

Answer: The packing materials for the kettle. That's right, I'd stored an empty freakin' box in my closet for years. 

Out! Out! damn box!

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