Last week I set out on a ramble under stormy skies. I had the trail completely to myself-- just the way I like it.  The drizzle tapped at my hat and I could feel that peculiar silence that comes in rain. Toward the end of my walk, the sky gushed, soaking me and all my stuff in seconds. I could only save a couple of things from the deluge:  my phone and my sketchbook. I had to sacrifice my paperback copy of Emerson that I had brought to read under some peaceful tree.

This sunrise reminds me of an Emerson quote I'd read earlier that morning:

 "A leaf, a sunbeam, a landscape, the ocean, make an analogous impression on the mind.  What is common to them all, --that perfectness and harmony, is beauty."

So, how do I sketch such a morning?

I don't.

I just experience it gratefully.

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