The Studio

photo of David Borden's studio
The studio has been resurrected
After committing an heinous crime against a sofa-bed, the studio was reborn.  Some of you may remember the purple studio in my East Austin house that made an appearance in my HGTV spot.  Some of you may remember my space in the back of the Blue Genie Art Industries building that I shared with two other guys.  Both of those spaces faded into memory long ago.  Between the job at the college and the children, I just didn't have the time to paint.  However, through will power and encouragement, I've got a new place for my brushes.

By the way... shhhhhh. (whispered just to you) I always hated that sofa.  It got what it deserved.

As I work on different paintings, I'll post updates to the "Studio" page of my website:


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