Cowboy Crush

The Thursday before the Rosedale Ride, participants pick up their registration packets at the school and the PTA hosts a silent auction. The UT Cowboys, who volunteer at the school, "wrangle" the children in the gym.  Ruby, absolutely smitten, couldn't be pulled away from these young, athletic guys in their starched shirts and chaps.
Savannah making her sister jealous

The day of the ride, Ruby had to attend an activity at her school. Tamara snapped this picture of Savannah flirting with one of the Cowboys and texted it to Ruby's grandmother, so she could show her.

Reportedly Ruby said, "Humph!" and pouted as she texted back, "No fair. Jealous."

It reminds me of the time the school called EMS for Savannah during one of her long seizures. When she came out of it, she found herself looking up at a crowd of chiseled firemen. She burst into ecstatic laughter. The all female school staff talked about the incident for weeks, blushing a bit with each telling.

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