Graphic Novel Explores Hidden World of Care-giving, Depression, and Disability

The Truth is Horrific and Beautiful.

This ground breaking graphic novel dares to take a "no holds barred" approach to care-giving, depression, disability, and death, while balancing it with humor, affection, and hope.

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If you’ve ever felt desperate and out of control, this book was written for you. This is the book I wanted 15 years ago after my daughter was born. I desperately wanted honest information about caring for someone who was not going to get better. I didn’t know that a hidden world of disability existed at the margins of society.
Father reading a book to daughter with significant disabilities while lying on the floor.
Savannah and David reading

If you live long enough, you or someone you care about will become disabled. In other words, there is a high likelihood that this story will become your story. Disability is the largest and fastest growing demographic in America. And research shows that people like me, people who've cared for a person with significant disabilities, age at 6 times the normal rate due to the extreme stress. This experience can destroy people, cost jobs, and drain whole families.

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I have to tell this story honestly, painfully, and without uplifting platitudes.  

Cover of Graphic Novel, And Yet We Rise. Shows image of a Phoenix Rising. Sub title: Coping, Overcoming, and Transcending
Cover of Forthcoming Book

Meditative, humorous, and raw, And Yet We Rise, dares to dive into the hidden world of parenting a significantly disabled, medically fragile child. This graphic novel explores the beauty and heartbreak with frankness and humanity. Honest information is rare. This book tackles the hard questions:

  • How do you care for someone year after year who won’t get better? 
  • How do you deal with the conflicting emotions of grief and relief? 
  • How do you rise each day when you know it will be worse than the day before?

Love it or hate it, you will have an opinion about this ground-breaking graphic novel that manages to take a difficult subject and make it accessible.

About the Art

page from graphic novel, And Yet We Rise. Frames show Savannah in a wheel chair listening to story read by her sister. Next image of girls arguing. Last image of father and daughter on sofa talking about their grief.
page from And Yet We Rise

The drawings are stunningly intense in their simplicity and ability to convey complex emotions. The art is intentionally "low-fi," direct, barely edited, just one step up from the sketch in gripping black and white. The work feels like you are getting a peek into the artist's private sketch book.

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