10 Brutally Honest Suggestions for the Democrats to Win Red States

Let's get one thing straight at the start, if the Democrats had won the White House, I might be writing a "Dear Republicans" letter. In my voting life, I've voted for Republicans and Democrats. I'm less concerned with which party wins and more concerned about slipping into one party rule (in either direction). Tyranny lies down that road. We depend on our political parties to stay healthy and, frankly, they both look pretty sad right now. The big difference is Republicans know how to win and Democrats don't.
election 2016 results
Election 2016 from USA Today

Dear Democratic Party:

Let me just reiterate where you stand today, November 15, 2016:

White House: R
US House of Reps: R
US Senate: R
Supreme Court: Soon to be Majority R
State Governors: 31 R
State Legislatures: in 32 states Republicans control both houses

I'm going to stay away from "what you should have done" because I'm sure you are sick of it.

10 recommendations of what to do to become competitive in red states:

  1. Fire your leadership and start over. Who else lets losers stay in control year after year?
  2. Recruit and nurture new leadership at the grass roots level. And I'm not talking about your pathetic practice of letting precinct chairs run for Congress. I'm talking about approaching real people with status in the community who are known, respected, and have enough friends and contacts outside the party to actually win. Why don't you recruit a Republican or two who can show you how to win elections? And it should be okay to be conservative and be a Democrat. If you want to survive, you need a few conservatives around, too.
  3. Stop being so damn condescending all the time. People don't like know-it-alls.
  4. Stop quoting data. No one wants to hear how many whatevers lost their thingimabobs. No one is listening. Instead, tell me a story... a good one, one that I can relate to. Not that phony "regular guy in the audience" b.s. No ones' buying it. Tell me a story, then tell me the data. You have to hook me first with emotion. I'm not a robot.
  5. Fire your pollsters. They suck.
  6. Fire your advisers and consultants. They suck, too.
  7. Stop it with the 2nd Amendment crap. Americans like guns. What don't you get about that? It's a loser for you. The people you claim to protect with gun control don't vote. Your base doesn't vote on this issue alone, but a hell of a lot of Americans do. So, get over it. Go buy a gun and shoot it responsibly. It's a lot of fun.
  8. Stop it with your monomaniacal focus on the White House. You're getting creamed in the states and Congress. You need to stop it with the federal-globalist crap. You need to move to a States rights platform. People want local control of their lives. We don't want people in Washington telling us what to do. When will you get that? Obviously, you focus on the White House because you're too disorganized to win at the local level. Come on. Wake up! ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL.
  9. Give up your banker Sugar Daddies. We all know banking is America's number one industry. We also know that bankers have replaced lawyers as the most hated people in America. They stole from us. The tanked the economy. We hate their smug faces, their suits, and huge bailouts. Stop acting so cozy with them. Bernie's right. Run against Wall Street, not with them.
  10. TRY BEING AUTHENTIC. Find people who are real, and let them be real. Let them laugh too loud, cuss... etc. I want to see some rough and tumble folks. I want to see some people like me, who share my fears, my hopes, my dreams. Why don't you cultivate people who can listen, act, and win? Why don't you try that some time?

PS. If you are interested in talking, I'm a voter, so you know where to find me...

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