Follow Your Crazy Dream this Fall

Have you ever had a crazy thought that you dismissed outright because it was so crazy? What if that thought kept coming back? What if it haunted you like Jacob Marley in the night?

Bob Cratchit warming by a candle
My most recent crazy thought was that I should draw a picture a day and post it to this blog for accountability. Without the deadline and people watching, it is so easy to slip up. But that wasn't enough. I had to double down. Instead of just any old random drawing, I decided to illustrate A Christmas Carol. I broke the story into 34 easily digestible chunks of approximately 800 words. Each section would get an illustration. But that wasn't enough. After working up some sketches, I realized that I wanted to draw the characters as cats instead of people.

Voila! A Christmas Carol with Cats was born. 

Click here to Start at Episode 1. (It's totally free)

This is an opportunity to read one of the best stories of redemption in just a few minutes each day.

...And don't we all need a bit of good will as the year winds down?

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