Make America Meow Again

cat wearing a "make America meow again" hat like the "make America great again" hats worn by Donald Trump

Shortly after the 2016 presidential election, my daughter, Ruby, and I were talking about the high level of anger between the Republicans and Democrats. People like ourselves, who are Independent, were feeling especially left out. Even though the election was over, everyone was still calling each other names. The media folks and their odd assortment of guests wondered aloud how we would ever heal our divides. Into this scene walked our cat, Charlie, who proceeded to sit with Ruby. He meowed and rubbed his face on hers.

Ruby said, “Maybe they should learn from the cat."

“You’re exactly right,” I said, “I want a hat that says 'Make America Meow again.'”

We laughed a bit.

But you know what? It's not a bad idea. 

So, I pulled out my sketch pad and designed a coloring card that you can send to all your friends who need a smile. 

Make America Meow Again coloring greeting card by David Borden
Coloring Card
Boxes of these cards are available on my website:

Since then, we've written a book called Make America Purr Again.

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