Performing my Winning Comic Book Chapter at Awards Ceremony

Have you ever tried to read a comic book aloud? Not so easy, is it. Why don't you see if I pull it off at the Awards Announcement for the Pen 2 Paper writing contest:

If the video does work, you can try following this link to Youtube:

My plan is to publish the full book on April 1, 2017 (what would have been Savannah's 18th birthday).

Please support my Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for printing costs.

cover of forthcoming graphic novel by David Borden titled, And Yet We Rise. Phoenix rising image.
Cover of forthcoming book
I'm so grateful for the support you've shown me as I pursue my art and writing. Thanks to all of you. You can keep up with my art and writing at my professional website: Currently, I have challenged myself to draw 34 cats in 34 days while illustrating the Dicken's classic: A Christmas Carol. Follow my progress and read this fantastic story of redemption at

Find me tweeting drawings and musings @dsborden

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