Sick of Internet Trolls? Write a Snail Mail Letter Today

Internet troll drawing by David Borden
Internet Troll
If you’re of a certain age, I bet you have a shoe box full of letters stuffed into the back of a closet or under the bed. They might be bound with a ribbon or a crumbling rubber band. I love the weight of the bundle, the crinkle of the paper. You may be like me and stopped corresponding when email and Facebook came along... but Facebook, Twitter, etc. are full of hateful screeds, trolls, and fake news. And the addictive gratification, though instant, leaves me cold... leaves me wanting something slower, calmer, more mindful.

There's a solution... 

6 Reasons You Should Rediscover Writing Letters This Very Moment!

1. Make Someone's Day. I'm telling you right now. No one is expecting a letter from you. Sending a letter, no matter how short, will make an impact. You want to make someone's day, send them some joy and warmth? Send them a real, honest to goodness letter.

2. It's a meditative act that will slow life down in a good way. Ever heard of the slow food movement? Well, writing a letter will help you untangle, decompress, and de-stress. Just find a quiet spot and tell someone you are thinking about them.

3. You can keep a letter. Remember that bundle in the closet? It's fun to reread old letters. You can't exactly flip through a pile of old phone calls or emails.

4. Doddle, draw, express yourself with unique handwriting. Writing a letter is like sharing a bit of your personality. You can't doodle in an email. Even if you can't draw, you can scrawl loopty-loos and funny little faces that are so much better than emoticons.

Snail mail illustration from Real Mail: The ScribbleFire Method toBuilding Better Personal Relationships by Penning an Authentic Letter by David Borden
Snail Mail
5. Writing a letter is Retro Cool! Do you like craft cocktails or listening to LPs (remember the warmth of the pops and scratches?). A letter is a joyful indulgence in the imperfections of the analog world.

6. Make a statement. Get away from the Social Media Monster. Start a revolution. It's better to give than receive. Send one. Try it.

If you are convinced, but that plain white page is staring back at you, download my free, no-strings attached ebook on letter writing to get some inspiration and pointers. And why would I give away an ebook (without asking for your email address in return)? Because I believe that everyone should send a letter now and then. Sometimes the old ways are still good. Don't delete your Facebook account or stop using email. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about finding some happiness in the mail.

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Looking for Something Different?

Here’s the deal: I want to resurrect the art of letter writing. So, I’ll send you an amazingly illustrated letter each month with a wondrous story of adventure and mythical creatures. I'll mail you the first chapter for free. No credit card number. No obligation. You don't like it; don't order a subscription. If you like it, I would love to entertain and delight you with a one year subscription.
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Dragon illustration from a letter story

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You have a golden opportunity to share this unique service with an elderly person who’d like some respite from loneliness, a young person who needs encouragement to read while discovering the joy of letters, or a spectacularly unconventional gift for a friend.

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